Lecture Notes


This class will have zoom lectures with live coding.

The lectures will be recorded and available on CANVAS

Topics, Notes and Code

Date Topic Notes Markup Code
9/23 Intro pdf pdf
9/28 Lambda Calculus html pdf
9/30 "" pdf
10/5 "" pdf code
10/7 Haskell Basics html code
10/12 Haskell Types html code
10/14 Bottling patterns with HOFs html pdf code
10/19 Haskell: IO html "" code
10/21 Type Classes html code
10/26 Functors and Monads html code
10/28 Iteration and State lists state pdf code
11/2 Parser Combinators html code
11/4 "" code
11/9 Monad Transformers html code
11/16 Property-based Testing html code
11/23 Concurrency html [pdf][pfd13] code